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We believe Learn CCTV is a well-established route to excelling in the security industry.

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Course Feedback

Here is a selection of testimonials from clients we work with, who have successfully attended one or more of our courses and translated their training into security installation businesses.

“Being a new fish in the pond, I needed some help and guidance. I cannot state how helpful Learn CCTV are with this. At the end of the course, you get the contact details for the trainers. A major help.”

Nathan Waters, Secure & Protect Solutions

“I was looking for a course that was more practical and hands-on than theory-based and Learn CCTV had the course that I needed.”

Gareth Wake, All Access Locksmith and Security

“Umar has been so helpful in the progress of my company. I call him my help desk and he is so good to have on the phone when I’m not too sure on something.”

Michael Sly , EMS Electrical Ltd.


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Umar Haq, Lead Trainer


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