Learn CCTV operates as flexibly as possible to enable you to secure your place on one or more of our dedicated courses to introduce or advance your security knowledge.

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Funding Routes

Here are just some of the ways in which our courses can be funded. Funding routes that do not have to be paid back:

A Grant

Grants or bursaries can be available to support learners in certain circumstances or studying particular courses.

Back to Work Training Grant

If you have been recently made redundant and are looking to get back into work, your local authority will almost certainly have funding available for you.

A New Skills Training Grant

As old roles disappear and new roles are created, retraining the existing workforce will be crucial to meeting these new skills needs.


Approved Supplier

Learn CCTV is also an approved supplier for the Department of Work & Pensions, working closely with local job centres to enable learners to sign up to a new industry and career.




We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your application for funding from a local Authority is successful to enable the authorisation of your chosen course.

Often, we work with employees looking to enhance their skills through a company funded initiative, and welcome the opportunity to create bespoke training sessions to enhance skillsets and achieve more dedicated customer requirements.

Please contact us now to ensure we can work together to ensure your place on a chosen course is funded correctly, in a way that best suits your requirements and career opportunities.

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Our courses will also take you on your desired journey, from technical learning, commissioning, programming and fault finding to a wider context understanding risk assessments and sales techniques and benefits to your customers.

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