So here we now, in the second quarter of 2023 – and how far has technology in the security industry progressed over the last few years?

Let’s first look at CCTV. The biggest single product which has probably taken the industry by storm is the Wireless Camera Doorbell. You probably have one on your own house. But are they as good as they make out to be or are they just a gimmick? Well, this boils down to knowledge and how to educate your customer.

Everyone has heard of Ring – probably the market leaders in the domestic market for doorbells. But, there are some issues. What happens if someone with a balaclava comes up to the doorbell, rips it off the wall and takes it with them. Where’s your footage? Unless if you are subscribed to their cloud service, your footage has gone with the masked thief! The next thing, is that there is no form of integration from Ring into a CCTV System.

This is where you can educate the client – that if you were to supply and install a “proper” CCTV System, you can also supply a Wireless Doorbell, which can integrate with the CCTV System. So there is no requirement for a cloud based service as the footage is recorded directly to the DVR / NVR.

Brands such as Hikvision & Dahua supply these products.

Within the mainstream CCTV market, we have seen the increase of POC (Power Over Coax) meaning we only need to use one coax cable to carry the video signal and power from the DVR to camera. These can also be used on Cat5/6 cable using POC Baluns. And with the introduction of ColorVu POC, meaning you can have your images colour 24hrs a day, the upsell opportunities to the end user are there for you.

There is now an increased popularity in cameras which emit sirens and flashing lights as a deterrent to would be burglars. Dahua, is one brand which has a product called “TIOC” Three in One Camera. It has two way audio, so you can hear and speak through the camera. It has red and blue lights which can flash on motion detection or line crossing. The last thing they have is a pre-programmed alert, which can be either a siren or a voice prompt.

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