Let’s take a look at Intruder Alarm Systems. As you may see many brands are heading towards wireless Intruder Alarm systems.

The intruder alarm market has moved to 80% wireless and 20% wired. Looking at a brand called AJAX Alarm Systems, their PIR devices can run up to 7 years on a single battery. You can also create up to 4 separate groups which can act as independent systems. Where would you use a situation like this? Well, let’s say your client has their main residence, then a Summer House / Garden Office, Garage and a Shed. They can create 4 separate groups so then can separately arm / disarm each one.

Also With their system you can also integrate devices such as outdoor battery operated cameras, outdoor Sensors, Zero Voltage and Mains Voltage relays, meaning you can activate lights to turn on in case of an alarm, open / close a gate or shutter with a time schedule or via a scenario.

There is another leading wireless intruder alarm product by a brand called Tyco called Qolsys. This is aimed at the Smart Home market. It allows you to pair up multiple devices but also you can add other Z wave smart home automation devices such as Smart Locks, TRV valves, Heating Thermostats, Wall Switches plus many more.

Wireless Systems have more connectivity to communications than their counterpart Wired systems used to have. So how does this work? Well, if you have a system which is connected to your broadband and also as a fail safe , it has a 4g and GSM sim card installed. This would send push notifications to your mobile phone within a matter of milliseconds on Alarm trigger.

How does installation time differ from Wired & Wireless systems? A wired system could take you anything from 1 day to 1 ½ days depending if you have to lift floorboards etc.

With a wireless intruder alarm system, you can be installed within 2 hrs maximum !

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