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A 2 Day Practical based course we take a look at the system design and hardware of an Intruder Detection system. Throughout the course, we will discuss how and where the relevant standards apply to different parts of the system and how this can affect a number of things from system design to equipment location. We will also cover communication methods and system grading. During the course we will use practical and theory based learning skills to reinforce the subjects covered. This blend of theory and hands-on practical training will provide you with the skills to install, commission and maintain basic domestic type burglar alarm systems.

Day 1 is spent on Wired systems and then Day 2 is then spent on Wireless systems. Traditionally the market has always been wired systems, however over the last 5 years the market has now changed to 80% wireless and 20% wired.

Topics Covered:

  • Ohms Law, Series & Parallel Circuits
  • Measuring Resistance,
  • Control & Indicating Equipment
  • Zone Types / Zone Expansion
  • Internal / External Detection
  • Keypads
  • Personal Attack
  • Tamper
  • Warning devices
  • Audible
  • Visual
  • Installation of a Domestic Intruder Alarm
  • Active Time Limits
  • Communication
  • Methods of Transmission
  • Communication over IP
  • Wirless Systems
  • Fault Finding / Servicing

Designed for:

Anyone who is looking to gain an understanding of the basics of Intruder Detection, or is new to the security industry with no prior knowledge of this field.

Cost of the course:

£495 per person for a 2 day course.


A certificate is provided at the end of the course

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15th – 16th Dec, 12th – 13th Jan 22, 9th – 10th Feb 22, 9th – 10th Mar 22, Call for Custom Dates

2 reviews for Intruder Alarm Installation Course – 2 Days – £495

  1. James Petersen

    5 Stars , the guys know what they are talking about !

  2. Mike Broad

    I was at first a bit hesitant to go on the Intruder Alarm course, as I didnt have much experience with Electrics. But, I am glad I did. Finding out the market had turned to majority wireless with new installs, it makes it so much easier. Definitely a great course and the best thing about it, its all hands on!

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