Fire Alarm Installation Course – 2 Days





A 2 Day Practical based course we take a look at the system design and hardware of a Fire Alarm system. Throughout the course, we will discuss how and where the relevant standards apply to different parts of the system and how this can affect a number of things from system design to equipment location. We will also cover simple domestic systems to large scale systems. During the course we will use practical and theory based learning skills to reinforce the subjects covered.

Topics Covered:


  • Need for a fire detection and fire alarm system and type
  • Legislation related to fire detection and alarm systems
  • Understanding fire behaviour
  • Monitoring circuit integrity
  • Understanding different categories of systems life & property protection
  • Variations
  • Detector coverage / spacings
  • Understanding detection zone size
  • Understanding alarm zone size
  • Technology of system components and principles of detection
  • Sound pressure level requirements
  • Advanced detector spacings
  • Understand certificate requirements
  • False alarm issues
  • Battery standby/capacity
  • Cause and effect
  • Communication with the fire and rescue service

Designed for:

Anyone who is looking to gain an understanding of the basics of a Fire Alarm System, or is new to the security industry with no prior knowledge of this field.

Cost of the course:

£495 per person


A certificate is provided at the end of the course



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