CCTV Technical Sales Training Course



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Product description:

A  1 day  training course covering the following topics:

How to carry out a site survey:

  • Where to position Cameras
  • How many cameras required
  • Which Cameras to specify depending on field of view, lighting levels etc


  • Cabling & distance limitations
  • Which cables to specify
  • Future proofing with cables
  • Power Location (Local or back to DVR)

Parts to specify a CCTV System:

  • Which products are required to order
  • Making sure the Engineer has everything required to install
  • Integrating Options

Recording Solutions:

  • Frame Rates
  • Resolutions
  • Days recording
  • How many channel DVR / NVR

Telemetry & PTZ:

  • what is Telemetry
  • What cables required
  • Protocols & Baud Rates
  • How to Mix & Match
  • How to specify multiple PTZ’s


  • How detectors are used with CCTV
  • How to specify for PTZ’s / DVR’s

Analogue to Digital:

  • How to upgrade a system from Analogue to Digital with CO-AX
  • CCTV Over IP
  • What is required to upgrade from CO-AX to IP
  • Pros & Cons of IP
  • Pros & Cons of HD Over CO-AX

Remote Monitoring & Transmission:

  • What kind of broadband line is required
  • What is port forwarding
  • How to add transmission to an existing DVR
  • How to view footage on a mobile device

 Basically Everything required to gain an understanding and specify a CCTV System.

Designed for: 

Anyone who is looking for Technical Sales Training to be able to visit a site and be able to specify a full CCTV System

Location: At our offices

Cost of the course:

£250 per person per day


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