As we are an independent training academy, we do not just train our clients with a single brand’s products. We like to be fair and unbiased and therefore have a range of different branded products and also some unbranded. This also helps us show inter connectivity with different brands.

If you are a manufacturer or distributor of any security related products which you feel could help us as part of our training to clients, then please feel free to contact us using the button below or alternatively please email

We are always looking for new products which are being released to the market such as:

  • Access Control
  • Intruder
  • Fire Alarm
  • Thermal Imaging
  • ANPR

One thing to bear in mind is that as most of our clients are seeing these products for the first time, they are more likely to purchase and install the products which they have received training on, as they have understood the products inside out.

We can also hold dedicated training sessions for your products if you so wish. Please kindly contact us for more details.

Advertising Opportunities

We have the following advertising opportunities available:

  • Display your Company Poster / Banner / Pull up Banner in our training centre
  • Display your Company literature / Product Catalogue
  • Display your products
  • For us to introduce clients to you following the end of the training session
  • To hold a dedicated slot of your products in our training sessions


If you would like to discuss further about partnering with us, please get in touch below.