Lets’ look at what kind of systems are available for the Door Entry market. So if you are fitting a traditional Audio Entry system, this would most probably be an analogue system utilising a 6 core cable. However, there are new systems on the market which can carry Audio & Video over just 2 wires, hence these are called 2 Wire Systems.

If you had to retro fit a Door entry system to a block of flats, lets say the old cables were breaking away and it was too costly to run new cables, what would you do?

The simplest way is to go or a Videx GSM Audio Intercom system. This will allow you to program the system so it would call the flats , either on their land line or mobile and they can simply press a button which can open the door. This will save lots of time as there is no requirement to run cables to each apartment. If someone moves out , you simply delete their number and program the new numbers in. Simple as that !

So what opportunities are there for you to upsell to clients? Well, as a locksmith, you would normally be the first person after a person has been broken into and they want to “beef” up their security. Its always the case, they want to spend money after the event never before. So that’s the ideal time , whilst your changing the locks to be pitching for a Wireless Intruder Alarm & CCTV. The benefits of installing a wireless alarm is that you can be done in under a couple of hours. With CCTV, this can take a lot longer as you would need to be running cables.

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