In a world where technology is always changing, Learn CCTV are now including the Dahua range of products within their training courses. This will allow students to see the array of products which are available to them for installations. Clients will be trained hands-on with the CVI, IP & PTZ range of cameras along with DVR’s & NVR’s.

Dahua Technology is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.

Simple Additions such as Two Way Audio, Audio over Coax and Siren alerts on their cameras are one reason why many installers are moving over to Dahua as their preferred brand for CCTV.

Lets take a look at some of the key features that are unique to Dahua.

Wiz Mind

Powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm, WizMind provides comprehensive human-oriented solutions including face recognition, privacy protection, human video metadata, people counting, stereo analysis, etc., making it possible to quickly and accurately act on what matters to you. In addition, it provides more precise and effective AI search to locate targets, and various human-based data for business analysis.

Full Colour 24/7 Colorful monitoring

  • Presents colored images and captures vivid detail in low light conditions.
  • Significantly increases probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence through brighter monitoring

Excellent video quality in darkness

  • Provides warm and smart auxiliary light to guarantee image clarity even in total darkness.
  • Prevents rain reflection and does not attract insects.

Wiz sense

Launched by Dahua Technology, WizSense is a series of wide range AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It can recognize human and vehicle in an image with high accuracy, enabling users to focus on real targets. Based on Dahua’s advanced technology, WizSense makes your video intelligent, simple and inclusive.

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