As a CCTV installation professional, part of your job is keeping your customers’ homes safe and secure. By installing a CCTV system on customers’ homes, you can do just that. But there is more that you can do to help your customers feel safe and secure in their homes. Your customer trust in your skills as an experienced CCTV installer and a good way for you to boost your income is to provide a home security consultation where you can explain the best locations and uses for their CCTV and other security systems.

With more and more home burglaries occurring every year in the UK, having a home security system that extends to the exterior of your home is important. You can help your customers avoid a dangerous home break-in situation by showing them how to burglar-proof their garden areas.

Let’s take a look at 4 ways that you can show your customers how to burglar-proof their garden areas and keep their homes, and their families, safe and secure:

Install Sensor Lighting- one of the most important deterrents to a home burglary is to install plenty of sensor lighting on the exterior of the home. These lights will automatically turn on when they detect movement, and turn off after a predetermined time or after movement has stopped. Sensor lights are inexpensive, but very effective at deterring burglars outside your customers’ homes.

Secure Any Outside Belongings- one mistake that many homeowners make is that they forget to secure their outside belongings. From outside furniture, ladders and grilles, to bicycles and more, securing outside belongings will ensure that they aren’t stolen and that they don’t blow away during strong winds. Be sure that any tools and garden equipment is locked in a shed, garage or outbuilding when not in use.

Install Strong Fencing- installing strong, durable privacy fencing is one way that your customers can safeguard their homes and their valuables. If burglars can see into their homes or garden areas, they will know when they are not at home and what valuables they might have. Be sure to install the CCTV system so that is focuses on any entry points to the garden area or spaces where fencing is not installed.

Make Sure That The CCTV System Is Visible- strong visibility of a theft deterrent or security system is often enough to keep burglars away. Install CCTV cameras so they are visible to anyone considering breaking into your customers’ homes.

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