Facilities management companies are often responsible for managing the security of large commercial or public buildings. This can involve installing and maintaining CCTV cameras to monitor activity on the premises. However, the cost of outsourcing these services to a third-party CCTV company can be astronomical, especially if the company requires frequent camera replacements or upgrades. In this article, we’ll explore how one facilities management company saved money by training their own staff to install CCTV cameras.


The facilities management company in question had been using a third-party CCTV company to install and maintain cameras across their portfolio of buildings. However, they soon realised that the costs of outsourcing these services were becoming unsustainable. They were being charged astronomical fees for camera replacements, and they knew that they needed to find a more cost-effective solution.


To address this issue, the facilities management company decided to train some of their own staff to install CCTV cameras. They invested in training courses and equipment to ensure that their staff had the necessary skills and tools to install cameras to a high standard. They also made sure to comply with relevant industry standards and regulations.

Once their staff had been trained, the facilities management company started to install CCTV cameras themselves. They were able to complete the installations quickly and efficiently, without the need for costly third-party contractors. They were also able to replace faulty cameras themselves, further reducing their costs.


By training their own staff to install CCTV cameras, the facilities management company was able to recoup the costs of their investment after just a few installations. They were also able to save money on ongoing maintenance costs and reduce the time it took to complete installations. In addition, having their own staff trained in CCTV installation meant that they had greater control over the quality of the installations, ensuring that they met their high standards.


Training staff to install CCTV cameras can be a cost-effective solution for facilities management companies looking to reduce their outsourcing costs. By investing in training and equipment, companies can train their own staff to complete installations quickly and efficiently, reducing their reliance on third-party contractors. In the case of the facilities management company in this article, they were able to recoup their costs after just a few installations, saving them a significant amount of money in the long term.

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