Case Studies

Nathan Waters

Company: Secure & Protect Solutions

1. What is your background story?

Most people are surprised when I explain that my background isn’t based around a trade or skill as most security engineers have experience as an electrician or tv aerials or IT etc. Having spent 5 years working for NatWest I then went into Marketing for Wowcher & Living Social where I spent the previous 3 years. Obviously, both of these roles are desk based with no hands on tasks.

It wasn’t until my sister’s home was broken into and first hand seeing the effects it can cause, I then went out and bought a DIY alarm system & 8 Cameras CCTV plug and play system. Having no knowledge or experience I managed to get everything up and running, following this I was then asked to install similar systems for family & friends.

2. How did you find Learn CCTV?

I found Learn CCTV whilst researching online about how I could potentially set up my own business. So it was a case of trawling through Google and finding a training school.

3. What made you sign up to Learn CCTV?

A number of things really, firstly the website was set out clearly with all the information I needed about each course. The costs were too not overpriced as some providers I saw and they weren’t underpriced like some courses I saw offered by distributors. I thought what am I going to learn for £50 in 1 day at a CCTV distributor. The location was also ideal as it was local to me.

Secondly and most importantly was when I called Learn CCTV, once I explained the reason for my call the receptionist passed me through to the training team. Initially I was nervous as I had no real experience in the industry but having explained all this, they assured me that they would be able to help and put together a bespoke week that contained everything I needed to know to get me going.

Crazy as this sounds, once booking on the course I had enough confidence to hand my notice in at work knowing that once I completed it I should be ready to go. It wasn’t just the case of signing up to the course. I wanted to find out what support was available after the course. Being a new fish in the pond, I needed some help and guidance. I cannot state how helpful Learn CCTV are with this. At the end of the course, you get the contact details for the trainers. A major help.

4. What course/Courses have you been part of at Learn CCTV?

Intermediate Course to CCTV Installations – 3 Days
Intruder Alarm Installations – 2 Days
Door Entry & Access Control Installation Course – 2 Days

5. Have you taken anything away from these courses?

I learnt a huge amount during my time at Learn CCTV, from how to advise customers on the best system, how to specify, quote and most importantly which would be the best system to install. However, I would say the main positive I have taken from the course is the support and guidance after the course.

Learn CCTV put me in touch with some very reputable suppliers but most importantly the course instructors have given me a huge amount of help & support over the phone sometimes on a daily basis after finishing the course which has given me confidence knowing that help is just a phone call away.

One of the things I like the most, is when I have to quote for a large system, I know that I can call on the trainers to help me put together the system and also advise where to buy from. They allow me to pop into the offices and go through the quote with a trainer.

6. What have you enjoyed about the course/courses you have taken part in?

The whole course was really enjoyable as it was kept at my pace allowing me to ask as many questions as needed, it was mainly hands on and challenging throughout. I did not want a course which was all powerpoint based. The great thing with the course is the amount of practical work which is done. I would say it was about 85% practical and 15% theory.

7. Would you recommend Learn CCTV to anyone else? Why?

As you will see from my previous answers, I am massively impressed with Learn CCTV and would recommend it to anyone considering joining the industry or anyone who currently works within as there are courses to suit all.

8. Would you use Learn CCTV again in the future? Or do you already have other courses booked up with Learn CCTV?

100%, currently my business is still within the first few years of trading however I know I will be back soon to complete further advanced courses and I will be ensuring all future staff will be attending.

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