Case Studies

Gareth Wake

Company: All Access Locksmith & Security

1. What is your background story?

I am ex Armed Forces; I spent several years in the service until being medically discharged due to injuries being picked up during active service. Since being discharged, I setup my own business as a Locksmith.

2. How did you find Learn CCTV?

I found Learn CCTV whilst searching the internet on Google. I was searching for a training provider which could offer me training in several disciplines. I called them up and discussed all the options available and what I wanted to achieve from the course. I finally decided on the Combined 5-day CCTV / Intruder Alarm & Door Entry Training course. This I decided would take my business up to the next level.

3. What made you sign up to Learn CCTV?

I wanted to add additional services to my business and as a locksmith I go to a lot of properties which have been broken into and was constantly getting asked If I did any other security such as Alarms or CCTV. Learn CCTV had the courses which I needed, and it just seemed the provider to go for. I did speak to a few other providers around the country, but Learn CCTV just ticked all the right boxes. They told me the course was 80% practical and 20% theory based. This is exactly what I wanted, as I learn better with hands on.

4. What other courses other than Learn CCTV have you been on?

I have been on many courses to build my skill base and my business. There are too many to list, I feel knowledge is power and I’m always learning new things.

5. Have you taken anything away from the course?

A wealth of knowledge. The confidence to go out and install systems from my clients. Also, one of the key things was the suppliers Learn CCTV introduced me to. This saved me a lot of time. I simply opened accounts and was able to start purchasing the day after the course.

6. What have you enjoyed about the courses you have undertaken?

All courses are different, but essentially the best courses are the ones that are more hands on and practical. Theory and PowerPoint presentations does not really teach me much. I learn far more from doing things so physically wiring up systems will teach me a lot more.

7. Would you recommend Learn CCTV to anyone else?

Yes, I would most definitely recommend them to others wanting to learn the fundamentals of the industry and advanced learning also. But the key point is that after attending the course or any other course, you should continuously put into practice what you have learnt and keep on learning. Far too many people attend courses and then sit down and wait for work and experience to come to them or fall at the first hurdle because they think they are going to get rich quick without putting I any effort.

8. Would you use Learn CCTV again in the future?

Yes, I am planning to attend some courses later in the year as I have a project lined up for a school to replace their Access Control system. So, I am planning some bespoke training with them based around my requirements.

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