Case Studies

Ben Johnson

Company: Key Access Locksmiths

1. What is your background story?

I’m a trained locksmith and have been doing that for the last 8 years. What I’ve been experiencing is that I’m normally the first person to attend a property after a break-in, when the client is at their most vulnerable and want to “beef up” their security ASAP.

2. How did you find Learn CCTV?

I’m Manchester based myself, so I googled to see if there were any training companies locally that I could attend. I didn’t fancy driving down to the end of the country if there was a company local to me.

3. What made you sign up to Learn CCTV?

Well, I spoke to them on the phone and they were very knowledgeable just explaining parts of the course to me. I then went to visit their training centre in Manchester. I got to have a look around and see the facilities and this is what made me sign up. I could see there was a lot of hands-on practical part of the course.

I saw many distributors offering courses for £50 or £100 and then a credit after you complete the course. But I could see a big difference with those and Learn CCTV’s course. Those courses don’t teach you the basics. They expect you to know them.

4. What course/Courses have you been part of at Learn CCTV ?

I did the Combined CCTV & Intruder Alarm Course which was 4 days long.

5. Have you taken anything away from the course?

I can say that the course has a) paid for itself after the first few jobs b) paid for itself 10 times over. The knowledge I picked up has allowed me to increase my business. I’ve gone from doing 100% locksmith work, to now doing nearly 60% CCTV / Alarms and 40% Locksmith.

6. What have you enjoyed about the courses you have undertaken?

Its probably one of the best courses I’ve been on. The right amount of mix of theory & practical. You tend to do a small amount of theory and then move on to practical straight away. And its set at the right pace, not too quick. The class sizes are small.

7. Would you recommend Learn CCTV to anyone else?

If anyone has any doubts, I would say there is no need to have at all. I would 200% recommend them.

8. Would you use Learn CCTV again in the future ? Or do you already have other courses booked up with Learn CCTV ?

The next course I’m very interested in is the Door Entry & Access Control Course. This will then have me trained up in all security disciplines.

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