Case Studies

Andrew Dunn

Company: Lemon Locksmith & Security

1. What is your background story?

I have worked as a locksmith and boarder for a number of years. A boarder is somebody that secures properties, this could be for example after a burglary where a door has been kicked in or window smashed. Boarding consists of the majority of my work and is an interesting job.

While performing this job I naturally met lots of people who, after been burgled, often asked me if I could install them CCTV & Alarm systems. After turning down their requests (due to lack of knowledge) I soon realized the potential income I was losing out on. I then made the decision to take a course to learn CCTV with Learn CCTV.

It was a no brainer for me as I receive free job leads basically. I’m now progressing steadily with CCTV installation however cannot yet do alarm systems too. This is next on my list to learn.

2. How did you find Learn CCTV?

I found Learn CCTV on the internet. To be honest, I did message a few other companies also. But what I liked at Learn CCTV was that they replied to my message almost immediately. Some of the other companies didn’t reply for weeks. This showed to me that Learn CCTV was an up and active company, keen for business and keen to help.

After all, if a company doesn’t even try hard to get your business, imagine how poorly they will perform after they have got your money! I therefore decided to take the CCTV installation course and will be aiming to do the Alarm installation course later this year.

3. What made you sign up to Learn CCTV?

As others have mentioned, I liked the fact that the training with 80% practical and 20% theory as when you’re out in the field installing CCTV it’s the practical side of the training that is most important in my opinion anyway. They advised me they have small class sizes, no powerpoint and lots of hands on training.

4. What other courses other than Learn CCTV have you been on?

I have been on a training course at MPL in Wakefield which is a locksmith training course. This was a great course into order to learn locksmithing however they solely specialize in this area. With CCTV its best to find a training company who specializes mainly in this area such as Learn CCTV. (The clue is in the name).

5. Have you taken anything away from the course?

I have taken away knowledge of course, that goes without saying. However, something else very important I received is the contacts. You can meet other people on the course and share contact details in order to help each other.

I also sometimes call my trainer to ask for help. It’s so useful to have a contact to call when you are struggling in the field.

6. What have you enjoyed about the courses you have undertaken?

I enjoy courses which are taught by someone with real life experience. The guy who taught me has worked in the CCTV industry for over 30 years and still does now! This meant that not only could he answer questions I had regarding the technical side of CCTV. But he could also answer questions from the business side too.

For example tips on what to say in order to get the customer to use you as opposed to somebody else. The hands on aspect of the course was also beneficial for myself, the perfect combination in order to keep the course interesting. Him still been actively involved in the business also means he is very up to date on new technology.

7. Would you recommend Learn CCTV to anyone else?

Yes, I know many people in the security industry and would be happy to recommend.

8. Would you use Learn CCTV again in the future?

Once I have the time I would like to book the alarm installation course. I feel this compliments the CCTV installation business as people often require both CCTV AND an alarm after a burglary for example. There are courses which combine both however I personally prefer to focus on one part at a time, so for now it’s purely just CCTV. But learning alarm installation is certainly next on my list.

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