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Since 2014, Learn CCTV quickly established itself as a leading specialist in offering dedicated practical training to those looking to enter or advance in the fast-paced security industry.

100+ Courses

Independently Developed

We have independently developed to operate over 100 courses throughout the year, which are constantly evolving as a reflecting of the industry, keeping pace with advances in smart technology and mobile operable security.



Learn CCTV welcomes those from many different sectors, providing the necessary training not just for products, but for the management, installation and design of industry leading security systems.

Training is held in our state-of-the-art training facilities, based in Manchester, and equipped with the latest generation of analogue and digital equipment supplied by well-known brands. This provides you with the perfect venue to learn on the latest kit.

Learn CCTV can also offer bespoke courses tailored to individual requests, that can be held on company site, with offered staff training sessions on specific kits should this be a requirement to progress in the security industry.


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Umar Haq, Lead Trainer


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