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Great places to stay whilst you train! Convenient, affordable and good quality accommodation makes things just a little easier. Many of you come from the far corners of the UK and beyond.

Check out our accommodation details below. If you would prefer further options please call our team on 0161 850 1521 for more information.

Being so close to Piccadilly Train Station & Manchester City Centre, not only is travel to our centre very easy, but there are also many short term accommodation providers.

We would advise to look on comparison websites to see the deals which are offered by the relevant hotels.


IBIS Hotel

Address: 2 Pollard Street, Manchester M4 7DB

Phone: 0161 272 2020

Old Trafford Lodge Hotel

Address: Lancashire County Cricket Club, Emirates Old Trafford, Talbot Road, Old Trafford M16 0PX

Phone: 0161 874 3333

Premier Inn Piccadilly

Address: 72 Dale St, Manchester M1 2HR

Phone: 0871 527 9390


IBIS Hotel

Address: Charles Street, Lancashire, Manchester M1 7DG

Phone: 0161 272 5000